Saturday, March 28, 2009

224466 (Tadanobu Asano, 2008)

Tadanobu Asano, Ayane Omori and Ryo Kase in 224466 (2008).

Short film written by Shinji Aoyama and directed by Tadanobu Asano as part of the R246 Story project. The dvd didn't have any subtitles and my understanding of Japanese is extremely limited but I think 224466 is more of a an audio/visual ride, and as far as I could tell Asano plays an alien who when he arrives on earth loses his source of power, a rainbow colored drum set. By chance he comes across a young girl who can knock people out with her awesome guitar playing and a ragged looking man who carries around her amp and they decide to try and find the drum set together.

I haven't seen Asano's directorial debut Tori (2004) but here it looks like he's ripping off earlier films he's starred in, most notably Electric Dragon 80.000V (2001), directed by Sogo Ishii. Scenes of Asano's alien walking the streets searching for his drum set and taking weird poses are reminiscent of Dragon Eye Morrison searching through the streets of Tokyo for runaway lizards and the look of the film is a bit Ishii/Tsukamotoish. It's still enough to make me want to see more from Asano the director though and most of the 25 minute running time is both interesting to look at and entertaining. I just wish the drum/guitar showdown at the end would have lasted longer.